Training Period - One Year

Clay Training Centers


Se. No.

Name of the Centre



Clay Industry Centre, Walakumbura.

Walakumbura, Alawwa.


Clay Industry Centre, Udaragama.

Udaragama, Mawathagama.


Clay Industry Centre, Danwella.

Danwella, Negombo Road, Kurunegala.


Clay Industry Centre, Kirimetiyana.

Kirimetiyana, Dankotuwa, Lunuwila.


Skills acquired by the Apprentice through Clay Industry Training

  • Clay Analyzing Formation.
  • Clay Classification Formation according to the places of Clay Storages.
  • Physical and Chemical qualities of Clay.
  • Formation of Clay Tempering.
  • Under the methods on Creation of Clay Wares,

a. Usage of Clay Coils.

b. Usage of Clay Slabs.

c. Usage of Potter Wheels.

d. Usage of Molds.

e. Sculpturing.

  • Under the decorative of Clay Wares,

a. Creation of glossy applications.

b. Touching glossy applications on wares.

  • Under the burning Wares,

a. Wares drying on breeze.

b. Wares arranging in the oven.

c. Wares drying in the oven.

d. Basic burn.

e. Shines burn.

  • Oven Varieties,

a. Traditional Oven.

b. Under Tow Oven.

c. Head Tow Oven.

d. Electric Oven.

Privileges and Facilities to the Trainers within the Training Period

  • Rs. 8000.00 as a Monthly allowance.
  • An amount of 2/3rd from the monthly season.
  • Free supply of necessary raw materials within the Training Period.
  • A work fare will be paid after contravention of three months from producing suitable wares for sale,

a. Carpentry Section – 80% from Work fare.

b. Minor Industry Section - 80% from Work fare.

c. Clay Section – 50% from Production Valuation.

d. Coir Section - 50% from Production Valuation.