Training Period – 01 Year

Training Center - Wood Carving Industry Section,Janakala Kendraya,kandy Road,Kurunegala


Skills acquired by the Apprentice through Wood Carving Industry Training

  • Creation of equipment including with Wood Carvings.

a. Carving design creeper.

b. Model Creation.

c. Pierced Carving Section.

d. Half Model Creation.

e. Creation of fancy goods.

f. Brightening.

  • Introduction of Historical Foundation related to Wood Carving.

a. Introduction of using Timber varieties.

b. Introduction about the nature of the Timber.

c. System of Thread devising to Wood.

d. Introduction of Softness and Hardness of the Wood.

  • Introduction of Tools and Equipments

a. Introduction of systems of sharpening of Tools.

b. Introduction of the method of Tools usage.

c. Introduction of Machines and Equipments.

d. Introduction on Machines Activity.

e. Method of installing wood at the usage of Machines.

f. Training on Functioning of Machines.

Privileges and Facilities to the Trainers within the training Period

  • Rs. 8000.00 as a Monthly allowance.
  • An amount of 2/3rd from monthly season.
  • Free supply of necessary raw materials within the Training Period.
  • A work fare will be paid after contravention of three months from producing suitable wares for sale,

a. Carpentry Industry Section – 80% from Work fare.

b. Minor Industry Section - 80% from Work fare.

c. Clay Section – 50% from Production Valuation.

d. Coir Section - 50% from Production Valuation.