Training Period – 01 Year

Training Center - Lacquer Section, janakala Kendraya,Kandy Road,Kurunegala

Skills acquired by the Apprentice through Lacquer Industry Training

  • History of the Lacquer Industry.
  • Lacquer and Lacquer Insect.
  • Selection of Raw Materials and making Equipments.
  • Lacquer Work Shop and its History.
  • Recognition of Fittings and Tools necessary on making Equipments.
  • Sharpening of arms.
  • Lathe and usage of arms.
  • Cleaning of Lacquer, and making color mixture & Wax.
  • Applying Wax from Lathe.
  • Decorative Art Fashions.
  • Inlaying of Engravings.
  • Materials Calculating and Preparation of Estimates.

Privileges and Facilities to the Trainers within the training Period

  • Rs.8000.00 as a Monthly allowance.
  • An amount of 2/3rd from monthly season.
  • Free supply of necessary raw materials within the Training Period.
  • A work fare will be paid after contravention of three months from producing suitable wares for sale,

a. Carpentry Industry Section – 80% from Work fare.

b. Minor Industry Section - 80% from Work fare.

c. Clay Section – 50% from Production Valuation.

d. Coir Section - 50% from Production Valuation.