Training Period - 01 year

Traning Center - Cane Industry Section,Janakala Kendraya,Kandy Road,Kurunegala

Skills acquired by the Apprentice through Cane Industry Training

  • Logical Training.

a. Introducing Cane Industry.

b. Introducing Cane Varieties.

c. Introducing equipments.

d. Cleaning Canes.

e. Tearing Canes.

f. Ironing Canes.

g. Cutting Canes

  • Practical Training

a. Simple equipment training.

b. Flower Basket.

c. Vegetable Basket.

d. Paper Basket.

e. Food Coverage.

f. Cake Coverage.

g. Hat.

h. Anthurium Flower Basket.

i. String Hoppers ply.

j. Tray.

Privileges and Facilities to the Trainers within the training Period

  • Rs.8000.00 as a Monthly allowance.
  • An amount of 2/3rd from monthly season.
  • Free supply of necessary raw materials within the Training Period.
  • A work fare will be paid after contravention of three months from producing suitable wares for sale,

a. Carpentry Industry Section – 80% from Work fare.

b. Minor Industry Section - 80% from Work fare.

c. Clay Section – 50% from Production Valuation.

d. Coir Section - 50% from Production Valuation.